Friday, September 15, 2006

How it all began.....

For years, I have been thinking about putting my songs as part of raga kairaly(രാഗകൈരളീ) URL, my raagam wise listing of Malayalam film songs.

But life got busy with creating a new life in a foreign country, work etc, added with laziness. I completed 6 years in USA on2006 Aug 21st!(phew!!!) കാലം പോ‍യ പോക്ക്!

Recently I forged my ties with Malayali community here in Boston and performed at the Christmas 2005 and Onam 2006 functions. While practicing with karaoke tracks for the onam programme, I recorded my song and mixed it with the track, solely for the purpose of feedback and correction. When I listened to it later, it appeared kind of cool and my desire to publish my songs online got re-ignited. Thus, "ragakairali" blog was born!

There was no concept of a blog when I started ragakairaly URL way back in 1997. You can read about my musical musings here. I hope to unearth un-noticed gems of songs in my own voice here. May be delve a little bit into underlying raagas. I also hope to present some carnatic compositions I learned, before I totally forget them.. If you have any comments about the postings, please record it in the blog itself. Alternately, you can write to me
( Song requests are welcome!


Unni said...

Kishore, nice to see you back in action. I have learned a lot through the 'raaga kairali' site. Thanks very much.

Hima said...

Great site! However I do have my doubts about the categorization of the songs. e.g; 'Karineela kannazhaki', if I am correct is based on 'Suddhadhanyaasi' even according to its creator Sri Kaithapram Viswanathan.

Hima said...

You have mentioned (under 'miscellaneous'), the song'aliveni enthu cheyvu' from 'Gaanam' as being in 'Yadukulakamboji'. I'm sure you meant the song 'Karuna cheyvaan enthu thaamasam'. This song has been sung in both 'Yadukulakamboji' and 'Sreeraagam'.

Hima said...

Unless you have restricted yourself to Malayalam movie songs, why not include Tamil film songs which are very popular among Malayalis even? Some of them are extremely beuatiful pieces e.g;
'Ninnukori Varnam' - Agninatchatram in Mohanam, 'Vanthatthey' - Kizhakku vaasal- Mohanam, 'Amma endrazhaikathe' - Kalyani, 'Enveetu thottathil' - Gentleman- Kurinji, 'Kannamoochi' - Kandukondein Kandukondein - Kurinji, 'Kannodu kaanbathellam' - jean - Abheri, 'Konjam naal' - kaathal kottai - Anandabhairavi, 'Paadariyen' - Sindhubhairavi - Sindhubairavi, etc.,etc.,etc. Keep up the good work!

Kishor said...

Hi Hima,

Thansk for the detailed comments, I appreciate it!

Aabheri and SudhaDanyaasi are always confusing for me as they sound very much alike! I will investigate "Karineela" and correct my listing if necessary.

"Aliveni enthu" as sung by Susheela in movie "gaanam" is YadukulaKaamboji. Some people sing this in other raagas also.

Music has no language barriers and I have already sung in Sankrit and Telugu. Please listen to my Telugu varnam I recorded today. I will definitely sing Tamil songs as I have more exposure to it. Watch out for my version of "Paadariyen...." :)


Kishor said...

Forgot to mention:

"Kannamuchi" I think is NattaKuranji. "Padariyen" is in the same raga as the Telugu kriti it ends with , which is Saramathi.

Geetha said...

Dear Kishore,

Very good site. Kishore nannaayi paadukayum cheyyunnundu. Keep it up.


hisham said...

kishore sir,
you have been doing a great job. its a precious site for the music lovers like us.

there r some corrections to show u. actually mainaka ponmudiyil...(mazhavilkkavadi) is composed in kedaram.Likewise i hope "ambalappuzhe unnikkannanodu...(adwaitham) is the blending of navroj and kurunji. u have mentioned it as harikamboji. u pls try to include tamil and hindi songs also if possible. all the best wishes for ur great attempt.

Anonymous said...

You have missed a song under Saraswathi raaga. "keranirakalaadunnoru haritha charutheeram..."(jalolsavam) is based on saraswathi raga. Hope u will listen to this song and ensure the same raga itself.

Kishor said...

ഗീത - ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടെന്നറിഞ്ഞതില്‍ സന്തോഷം.

ഹിഷാം - “മൈനാകപ്പൊന്മുടി” കേദാരമാണെന്ന വാദം മുന്‍പും ഞാന്‍ കേട്ടിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഇപ്പോള്‍ എനിക്കും അങ്ങനെ തോന്നിത്തുടങിയിരിക്കുന്നു :)

അനോണി - “കേരനിരകളാടും” സരസ്വതി തന്നെ!

hisham said...

dear kishor,
i am so glad to get ur reply. i hope that the song "oru kathilola njaan kandeela.." (Vettom)is based on brindavansaranga raaga. can u pls make sure of it..?

hisham said...

do u know the raaga of semi classical song in 'Chess" ? sorry i dont remember the lyric of this songs. then i think the song raa..raa.(Chandramukhi)is composed in sallapam raaga (janya raga of charukesi). do u have any malayalam song in this raaga?

Sreeram's World said...

Hi Kishore,
You got a really nice (i must say, worthy) blog. keep it up and continue singing... :)